Regardless of whether you are looking to oppose a competitor’s IP right, or are on the receiving-end of an opposition, we can provide a safe pair of hands.



We have a huge amount of experience representing clients at the European and UK Patent Offices in contentious proceedings. This has involved defending and attacking high-value patents across all fields of technology.


Especially given the evolution of procedure at the EPO’s Boards of Appeal, having the right tactics and strategy are key. This includes the appropriate structuring of requests, the timing of submissions, the gathering and presentation of expert evidence, input on parallel licensing negotiations and smart prosecution of related applications.

Our patent attorneys know how to navigate these proceedings to get results.


During opposition it is of course valuable to have a complete understanding of a client’s commercial position. Our drive to be fully engaged with our client’s businesses allows us to do this. We can therefore take a proactive role in forming an opposition strategy and anticipating changes of direction, in what is often a fast-moving procedure.

Trade Marks


Prosecuting oppositions and appeals on behalf of both applicants and rights owners is a key part of the role of our trade mark attorneys.  Our attorneys are routinely ranked amongst the best in the profession. Our in-depth knowledge of procedures and the latest legal precedents makes this an area in which we can add significant value for our clients.


Hand-in-hand with their legal expertise, our trade mark attorneys are also commercially focused and our primary goal in any dispute is to secure the best outcome for our clients’ businesses.  We are highly experienced at negotiating settlement agreements to bring contentious issues to a successful resolution at an early stage.

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