Directories who recognise us

“Cleveland Scott York’s trademark team is well built, with abundant talent from top to bottom. Taking care of prosecution and portfolio management, it “maintains a high-level practice in terms of complex work” and presides over a growing contentious caseload, while also adding plenty of value through the educational initiatives it develops on behalf of clients. Assured leadership is provided by Lorna Hobbs and Jonathan Clegg, who between them have vast experience.”

World Trademark Review 2021

“WTR says "Disputes are the metier of Peter Houlihan, who has lately been ramping up his considerable IPECexperience."”

WTR 2021 – Peter Houlihan

“Clegg sustains many long-term relationships with patrons, which has allowed him to cultivate advanced knowledge of their products, services and cultures; his trademark strategies are precision guided to meet business needs.”

WTR 2020 – Jonathan Clegg

“Hobbs has shared her rich trademark knowledge with diverse companies for nearly three decades and does a stellar job from both a legal and commercial perspective. She acts for Transport for London and has enjoyed success in securing acceptance of the mark EVERY JOURNEY MATTERS in relation to transport services through smart evidence collection.”

WTR 2020 – Lorna Hobbs

“Other notable names include Sophie Maughan, who assisted Kofax on opposing trade mark applications made by entrepreneur Michael Gleissner; Peter Houlihan, who represented Burlington on four oppositions to EU applications and Cathy Ayers, who advised Faulks & Cox on its rebranding of all of its existing brands into a single 'Red Gorilla' brand.”

Legal 500 2019

“Cleveland Scott York is experienced in UK and European patent prosecution alike and unites a strong drafting and filing offering with a powerful oppositions and appeals practice.”

Legal 500, 2020

“Having trained in London and Munich, Andrew Mackenzie is comfortable appearing in proceedings across Europe. His automotive and motorsport sector credentials are absolutely top-notch.”

IAM Patent 1000, 2020

“Lorna Hobbs works with patrons including an infrastructure firm, providing equally assured counsel on matters contentious and non-contentious like.”

Word Trade Mark Review 1000, 2020

“Trademark attorney of 30 years’ vintage Jonathan Clegg 'knows trademarks inside out.' Practical and strategic, he is the consummate trademark attorney. With the ability to handle a broad range of sophisticated prosecution, global portfolio management and complex opposition proceedings work in the United Kingdom and the European Union, he is unflappable in his demeanour and widely respected within the trademark community.”

World Trademark Review 1000

“The firm acts proactively, providing an excellent standard of advice and swift response times. A quick, reliable, insightful and valued service. It inspires confidence, with its deep bench of knowledgeable and experienced trademark practitioners.”

WTR, 2020