The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has launched a competition aimed at inspiring innovation amongst children.

The competition, which closes on Friday 24 April 2020, is backed by Wallace and Gromit creators Aardman, who are offering the winners a chance to star in a new Wallace and Gromit project and partake in an Aardman model-making workshop.

UKIPO CEO Tim Moss hopes that, like in Wallace and Gromit, the entrants will be inspired by objects around us to produce inventions which make our world “a better, safer, easier place in which to live.”, and will show them “how to get the credit they deserve for their ideas and creations”.

Whilst aimed at a younger audience, the competition will help to show the next generation how important inventions and inventors are for the future, a consideration which was highlighted in the Queen’s speech in October, which emphasised the importance of science and innovation.

With innovation and intellectual property coming hand-in-hand, teaching inventors about their rights from an early age might also help to inspire the next generation of patent attorneys.


James Bishop

Technical Assistant
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