The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has confirmed that from 19 December 2017, up to 12 views can be submitted when registering a design online, instead of the previous limit of 7 which had been inadvertently introduced when they launched their online platform in October 2016, as before that there had been no limit.

The increase in the limit from 7 to 12 views means that greater detail can be shown when applying to register a design. This makes it possible to show more clearly how a design is distinct from an existing registered design and to enforce design rights more easily in the event of an infringement in future.

The increased limit also assists where either an application is made at the UKIPO claiming priority from an earlier application made in another jurisdiction where more than seven views can be submitted or where an initial application is made at the UKIPO where there are plans to file priority claiming applications in other jurisdictions where particular views are required.

Dr Alicia Instone, a Senior Associate at Cleveland Scott York, played an instrumental role in having the limit increased. She worked closely with UKIPO in her roles as a member of the Council of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) and Chair of the Design and Copyright Committee in order to have the change implemented.

Whilst 12 views is not quite the unlimited number of views it was before, the increase to 12 is a significant improvement and the UKIPO plans to monitor this limit and in the future work on increasing the number of views further that can be submitted electronically.


Dr Alicia Instone

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