Sophie Maughan, a Partner at Cleveland Scott York’s St Albans office, delivered a webinar for the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys on Monday 23 April 2018.

A cross-qualified Chartered Patent Attorney and Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, Sophie delivered a talk, entitled “Trade Marks for Patent Attorneys”.

The webinar, which counted towards participants’ CPD points, was aimed at Chartered Patent Attorneys that do not routinely work on trade mark matters. It included a refresher on some of the core aspects of trade mark law and the law of passing off, as well as how these overlap with other rights, such as design rights and copyright.

It also touched on recent cases involving the protection offered through the law of passing off for packaging and three-dimensional products.

In the Q&A there was a discussion around trade marks which are not eligible for registration due to consisting exclusively of a shape or another characteristic, which gives substantial value to the goods. The use of survey evidence in trade mark and passing off cases was also discussed.


Sophie Maughan

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