We drafted the first patents for jet engines in the 1930’s and have been involved with the aviation sector ever since.

The sector continues to innovate in search of efficiency and the space sector is booming globally, with the UK being a centre for both spacecraft production and the development of industry-disrupting launch platforms. The opening-up of these sectors, which were traditionally exclusive to governments, creates both opportunities and risks for commercial operators, who must ensure that their rights are adequately protected.


Effective protection for your new technologies demands the input of attorneys with knowledge spanning everything from mechanical engineering to software, electronics and materials sciences.

The brand names associated with these developing technologies will also become valuable in their own right and will require trade mark protection. Our team of experienced attorneys can draw on a long history of expertise to obtain the best possible protection for both your innovations and the associated trade marks.


Cleveland Scott York is a JOSCAR accredited supplier to the Aerospace, Defence and Security sectors.

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