As the automotive sector enjoys a period of unparalleled innovation, the importance of obtaining commercially effective protection has never been more acute.

Disruptive developments and improved infrastructure are redefining the industry, with new entrants jostling for position. We have experience of dealing with innovations in BEV and PHEV solutions, level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles, non-chemical energy storage, hydrogen storage and delivery, electric charging infrastructure, fuel cell and battery chemistry, housings and battery management systems. As these technologies are more widely adopted, patent portfolios will be key in taking market share.

Effective protection now demands the input of attorneys with knowledge spanning everything from software and electronics to chemistry, materials sciences and mechanical engineering.


We can draw on a deep pool of experienced attorneys across these fields, including those with in-house experience at automotive household names. We are one of a handful of firms with the breadth of experience needed to secure the best possible protection for your technologies in this sector.

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