As the world becomes ever more interconnected, the need for devices and people to communicate with each other effectively requires ever more investment in telecommunications. Protecting that investment continues to be critical to businesses which are innovating in this area.

Telecommunications technology continues to form an increasingly significant role in devices and networks, particularly with fast growing areas such as mobile communications and the interconnection of more and more devices – known as the Internet of Things. This demands investment in the technology, both software and hardware, to provide reliable and capable communications. The development and testing of these technologies represent a significant investment for most companies, which needs good protection to ensure an effective return on that investment and maintenance of market share.


Getting the right protection in the right territories requires a combination of expertise in the technology itself along with familiarity with the differing ways of protecting telecoms inventions around the world, especially in the software realm.

This often requires knowledge in diverse areas from physics, through electronic engineering to software, as well as legal knowledge. Patents in this field must often cover technology which complies with international standards and may be subject to patent pooling arrangements involving huge numbers of patents. Licensing therefore becomes important, especially for standard essential patents.


We have attorneys who are specialists in each of these fields and can draw on a depth of knowledge and experience from working in-house as engineers and attorneys as well as in private practice. This means that we are uniquely placed to provide broad and strong protection for our clients, maximising the value from that protection.

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