The medical sector is fuelled by innovation. It is one of the most popular fields for filing patent applications at the EPO, second only to digital communications.

To secure the strongest possible protection it is vital to consult attorneys who have the specialist skills to understand every aspect of your invention and convert that into effective patent applications.


Our team that deals with this work is equipped with precisely the technical skills needed to identify the patentable elements of your invention. But more than that, they also know how applications in the sector are used, with an eye on licensing, sale and attracting investment. This translates into applications which are thoughtfully drafted to deliver the robust and layered protection required.

We have experience in securing patents spanning the full spectrum of medical devices, from stents, chemoembolization and devices for treating spinal fractures through to biological analysis devices and imaging technologies. We have the depth of experience to put together a bespoke team for your inventions, drawing on attorneys who specialize in electronics and signal processing when necessary.

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