We understand that businesses and institutions working in the pharmaceutical sector must navigate distinctive technical, commercial and regulatory pressures on a daily basis.

Work in the pharmaceutical sector demands the expertise of attorneys who have been immersed in the sector throughout their professional careers. Although the divide between innovators and generics has become increasingly blurred, we have invaluable experience of acting for both.


A successful strategy must provide global reach, layered protection and take into account the high likelihood of opposition. This is alongside technical considerations such as dosage regimes, data/sufficiency issues, improved formulations and the interpretation of patent claims in overseas jurisdictions. We have the experience and the creativity to get the most out of innovations in this space.

We are also well-placed to deliver patent advice which is truly joined-up with SPC programmes and data exclusivity advice.


In addition to our patent work, we have also worked with a large UK-based pharmaceutical company to develop extensive global filing programmes to protect their trade mark rights.

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