A group of artists have benefited from an intellectual property specialist’s copyright briefing at an event this week.

Andrew Mackenzie, a Partner at Cleveland Scott York, spoke to the St Albans Arts Society’s AGM on 2D copyright, how to stay within the law, control use of their artistic works, and deal with others who may infringe their rights.

“It might not be particularly romantic, but copyright is a matter of critical concern to artists, especially those trying to make a living from their work,” he said. “The protection it offers against unauthorised copying is a key ingredient in the economic value of creative works.”

“The fact that copyright does not have to be explicitly claimed in the UK – although it a good idea to do so – can also lead people to think the law is straightforward, when in reality it is complex, with various exemptions, time limits and jurisdictional issues to take account of.”

He urged those present to be cautious about where they get their information from in relation to copyright, pointing out the plethora of media articles and online content that are either inaccurate or unlikely to usefully apply to people’s individual circumstances.

“I was delighted to be asked to present to the St Albans Arts Society because copyright is an issue that all artists need to be aware of and which can have a major bearing on the artistic integrity and the financial value of their work.

“The group was highly engaged with the issues at hand and the need for artists to be attuned to the law in this area.

“I am also grateful to the society for its generous donation to our firm’s nominated charity, Herts Guide Dogs,” he added.

Cleveland Scott York has offices in St Albans, the City of London, Reading and Brussels.


Andrew Mackenzie

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