With nearly 30 years’ experience, Lorna has a wealth of knowledge which she shares with large and small clients alike. Her advice is clear and concise, and she keeps an eye on the commercial realities of her clients’ situations.

Lorna will advise on strategies for clearance searching and how best to protect marks, together with the filing and prosecution of applications, and all contentious matters. She particularly enjoys helping her clients to manage their trade mark portfolios, and to ensure that they are always one step ahead of their competitors.

Lorna works for large and small clients alike, and her work has included helping a client establish and maintain a successful licensing business, protecting a major redesign of a household name, and preventing the unauthorised use of a famous UK brand in other countries. Her approach is always to try to settle disputes where it is possible to do so, and she is actively involved in settlement negotiations on behalf of her clients, often chairing meetings between commercial representatives of the parties involved. Where it is not possible to settle disputes, Lorna works tirelessly for her clients’ interests, seeing off fraudulent applications made by third parties to register established and legitimate brands.

  • Partner 1996
  • Trade marks
  • Portfolio management
  • Contentious matters
  • MA English, Christ Church, Oxford
  • Registered Trade Mark Attorney 1992

“Lorna [Hobbs] was named Trade mark star 2020 in Trade mark office proceedings, Trade mark prosecution, and Trade mark strategy & counselling.”

IP Stars

“Lorna Hobbs works with patrons including an infrastructure firm, providing equally assured counsel on matters contentious and non-contentious like.”

Word Trade Mark Review 1000, 2020

“Hobbs has shared her rich trademark knowledge with diverse companies for nearly three decades and does a stellar job from both a legal and commercial perspective. She acts for Transport for London and has enjoyed success in securing acceptance of the mark EVERY JOURNEY MATTERS in relation to transport services through smart evidence collection.”

WTR 2020 – Lorna Hobbs

“"Lorna Hobbs has huge experience at the UKIPO, runs many dispute proceedings and works very hard for her clients, with a personal touch."”


“Lorna [Hobbs], brings wisdom distilled from a 30-year career to achieve the most robust protection for her patrons’ brands.”

World Trade Mark Review 1000, 2024
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